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Updates on the National Youth Assembly in Singapore

We have this latest update as of June 26, 2009 from ECO Singapore on the ongoing Inaugural National Youth Assembly in Singapore.

What Happened?

Over the past month, nominees became Members of Youth Assembly following plenty of interviews and after the fast paced two day pre-event preparation session, have finally secured their places either in the Government or Opposition. Politicking sessions were gruelling, with our MYA's determined to stay true to their stand whilst fighting for future political positions.

Amidst these sessions, we were treated to fascinating ideas from Mr.Jack Sim, Founder of the World Toilet Organisation , environmentally friendly persuasions from the Vegetarian Society and introduced to the soon to be popular culture of WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). If you are interested in sustainable development and travel this is right up your alley!

After two days of talks, discussions, negotiations and settlements we had the Future Empowerment Party (FEP), led by Eugene Chua, form a goverment by the slightest of margins but they will face a stern test in parliament from a very well placed and sizeable opposition party, the Singapore Green Front (SGF), led by Priscilla Goh and Chester Tan.

What's Happening?

A week into their new found responsibilities and Ministerial Positions, the MYA's have been split into 6 teams to research and formulate proposals on the 6 Key themes surround Sustainable Development. They've geared up to analyse how each Ministry can be specifically involved in each of the areas that they hope to address during their Parliament Sessions.

What's Up Next Week?

It has been heard that MYAs aim to bring in the taboo concept of Nuclear Energy into parliament but how are the opposition and more importantly the public going to react to such an extreme topic? Moreover, the MYA's will all meet again for the first time after the pre-event orientation and we'll bring you all the news as it comes in.

AND - Photos from the two day Orientation will be up on our Facebook Groups by Sunday, 28th of June so drop by to take a look!

Monday might be the start of another long week, but look forward to constant updates from the NYA Team to find out what your chosen candidates are looking to do to improve sustainability in Singapore!


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