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World Leadership Conference 2009: Towards a Low Carbon Economics

The World Leadership Conference is a landmark conference organized by ECO Singapore and is targeted at providing a platform to nurture informed leaders and decision makers for youths, aged 16-25, and to acquaint them with the skills and knowledge to execute projects governing economics and the environment.

The programme, structured around plenary sessions couched in a global setting, while introducing the concomitant problems encountered by Singapore in combating environmental catastrophes, enables youth to benefit from first hand information and insights coming from world leaders in both economic and environmental arenas. These combine to form a unique opportunity that youth will genuinely benefit from, in their development to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Participants would also get the opportunity to share knowledge and opinions amongst themselves while interacting with the speakers, at plenary session, caucus, and focus group levels, bringing together a diverse array of opinions and perspectives from all countries and walks of life.

An array of interesting speakers on topics ranging from alternative energy sources to environmental law has been arranged for participants. They will get to hear from individuals who have been instrumental in leading environmental efforts, such as Dr Geh Min, to policymakers, and environmental head honchos such as Mr. Christophe Inglin. The World Bank has also been roped in. A short segment by a special address by UNEP Executive Director, Mr Achim Steiner, will also be screened to all participants.

The conference is privileged to have HE Mr Paul Madden, The British High Commissioner to be the Guests of Honor for this event.

The highlight of the conference would be the formation of an combined position paper by the youth participants in the conference. This would entail solutions to climate change problems, through fields such as green technology, waste Management resource depletion. The thrust of this position paper lies in the fact that it would be presented to an international audience as a representation of youth opinion, at the COP 15 Conference in Copenhagen. The paper would go around the world with various supporting signatories adding on to its focus, from Singapore to China, Nepal, Korea, Japan and finally ending up in Copenhagen as a global combined youth statement.

You can join at their web screening live (pre-recorded for some) at their website as well when the conference begin by visiting

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