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World Creative Youth Forum: A Success of Putting Idealism into Reality

No one thought it would even be possible but it did become possible. There might be bumps of the road and heavy bumps but still it is a success. This is not from me alone but from both local and foreign delegates to the forum. It may appear to be disorganized but the thing is a forum of this magnitude considering limited resources and the will to make a difference and put into reality a new and innovative concept. Many had been mad at me. Many had judged me. I know that I lost some friends and also gained new ones. I had received the greatest praises and also the most painful curse. This is perhaps the price I have to pay for trusting people and wanting to make a difference together with the team at WCYF 2009. About 100 delegates from the Philippines and from 15 countries joined together to make this event a success. It is not about me but it is about them and what they accomplished.

The sad story behind all of this is that my family and I are suffering so much in the sacrifice I made in order to ensure success of the event. I am in debt to the tune of around P400,000 (US$10,000) and I feel that no one is left to support me. I am wondering why such a good cause and such an activity which places the Philippines and Sustainable Development be so harsh on me. People are calling me everyday. I lost my credibility. I lost my trust for myself and for others. I am depressed, disoriented and unhappy. I do not know how I can continue to raise my children since even their fund for school is exhausted.

There are many people who pledged support including Prince Frederick and others but funds are not coming. I am so tired and will even be jailed for estafa and soon bouncing checks because of an event that was supposed to be for the country and the earth.

I am asking for your help and understanding. PLEASE.... PLEASE... PLEASE... HELP ME.

For those who had already helped my sincerest thanks! To Prince Frederick who had fooled me and continue to do so I know that with God's grace I can rise up from this.... though am near my limits.

Any donation will do.

What had happened was not my fault. My fault is that I just trust far too many people in my life and when the crunch time comes it seems only very few really cares to help.

Send your donations and support to:

Bank Name : Banco Filipino Baliwag Branch
Account Name : Brotherhood of Destiny Incorporated – WCYF
Account Number : 11574-700033- 2

You can have the option to send your payment via GCASH at any Globe Business Center:

Mobile Number : 0915-412-9713
Name : David D. D'Angelo
Address : Baliwag, Bulacan 3006

Please consider ... please .... I beg for everyones consideration and help.

Co-Chairperson WCYF 2009
www.worldcreativeyo uthforum. net

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