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Technology, Automation and Matter Management

Collaborative Accountability Applications are a fast increasing need in the business community. Finding automated solutions to the else very hard task of manual encoding and tasking of doing things like filing taxes, sorting revenue, managing loans and others is a great importance to the fast changing environment of industries today. With specific domain applications today in corporate legal automation and governance, risk, and compliance, the need for a system that will improve transparency of corporate reporting, reduce exposure to risk, and sharpen operating discipline, information security and efficiency of corporate legal processes is of utmost need. E-billing for example is very crucial for a company which have thousands of clients not only in one country but around the world. Through e-billing it will be easier to bill and collect from customers with easiness, accuracy and speed rather than the usual manual billing which takes a lot of time.

Matter Management software systems serve a variety of functions including conflict and ethics control, accurate matter opening, day-to-day matter work, business intelligence, and marketing. This includes the tracking of such items as the People, type of legal work, industry of the matter or client, witnesses, judges, courts, opposing counsel, Issues, Documents, Budgets and Invoices associated with each particular legal matter.

Corporations can use matter management software and systems to manage both their in-house counsel staffs as well as their outside counsel law firms and non-law firm legal service providers who work on legal matters on the corporation's behalf (i.e., expert witnesses, court reporters, copy services, etc.). Law firms might use matter management to organize information about documents and email, time worked or billed, people inside and outside the firm associated with case, deadlines and dockets, and much more.

Litigation Hold is also one aspect of automation which should be included in any management software. This includes the whole process of litigation. As we know litigation is a civil action brought before a court in which a party (plaintiff) has claimed to have received damages from a defendant's actions, the plaintiff, seeks a legal or equitable remedy.

The very complex process involve in the businesses of today can be simplified and all that is needed is to have the proper matter management software installed and used.

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