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Swine Flu A (H1N1) Spreading: 113 in the Philippines and now in 46 Countries

10 new patients in the Philippines being monitored for A(H1N1) flu while 113 individuals are also being monitored for possible infection. Eight of the patients are from the National Capital Region, one is from Region 1 or Ilocos Region, and the last is from Region 7 or Central Visayas, said Health Secretary Francisco Duque III during a press conference.

Meanwhile Influenza A (H1N1) is now in 46 countries from just 42 countries a day ago and has affected a total of 12,515 cases and 91 deaths. The Associated Press reported based on the World Health Organization (WHO) updates that still about half of all cases are in the United States.

WHO says Honduras and Iceland each have one case. Kuwait's 18 cases have been reported on a U.S. military base. WHO's tally shows that Mexico has reported 282 new cases and five deaths since Saturday.

Five years ago, in 2004 Professor Dmitry Lvov gave a detailed description of how a deadly pandemic flu virus was on the horizon. On Tuesday April 28, 2009, he spoke to RT about the outlook of a swine flu pandemic. Here is that video...

Based on GMA News latest report online the following data are extracted:

The Americas remains to be the region with the highest number of cases with 94 percent of the world's total cases to 11,331; followed by Asia with 2.8 percent to 341 cases; Europe with 2.7 percent to 321 cases; and Oceania with 21 cases and Middle East with seven.

In the Americas, the US remains the country with the highest number of infections with 6,552 cases followed by Mexico with 3,892; Canada – 719; Panama – 76; Chile – 24; Costa Rica – 20; Colombia – 12; Brazil – 8; Ecuador – 8; El Salvador – 6; Peru – 5; Guatemala – 4; Cuba – 4; and Argentina – 8.

In Asia, Japan has the most number of cases with 321; followed by China with 11; South Korea with three; Malaysia and Thailand with two each and India and the Philippines with one each. The WHO report did not yet include the second confirmed in the Philippines involving a 50-year-old woman who came from Chicago.

In Europe, Spain has recorded the most number of infections with 126 cases followed by the United Kingdom with 117; Germany – 17; France – 16; Italy – 14; Belgium – 7; Norway – 4; The Netherlands – 3; Sweden – 3; Finland – 2; Poland – 2; Turkey – 2; Austria – 1; Denmark – 1; Greece – 1; Ireland – 1; Portugal – 1; Switzerland – 1 and Russia – 1.

In Oceania, Australia has 12 cases, while New Zealand has nine.

Israel, with seven cases, remains the lone country in the Middle East that was stricken with the disease.

No case has so far been reported in Africa, based on the WHO’s latest report.

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