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Join My Mafia in Mafia Wars on Facebook

At first I thought that playing games on Social Networking sites like Facebook is quite boring. I did play a medieval game way back and also Vampires in Facebook but I get bored so easily. When I first see Mafia Wars on Facebook I told myself that well it is kind off the same boring thing but that is not until I actually tried it. This game is really awesome. It lets you buy cars, buildings and earn and you can be like a real mafia where you can fight other mafia, rob them and even add them to a hitlist. Not that I promote violent games or exult the criminal way of the mafia but for gaming sake this is quite a very good game. Well for everyone I would like to invite you to my Mafia. Well first, add me as a friend on Facebook, my e-mail is (same e-mail I used in Friendster). Then, here is the url to join my mafia, or you can have me invite you so that I can give you a gift item.

In mafia Wars you start with a basic tutorial and then you will be given a start-up business called a Deli Shop from there on you have to increase your earnings and your level. You can earn experience points as well as difference ordinary items, rare items and collectors items from doing jobs which also has various requirements and gets more difficult as your level increases, the payout for jobs also increases depending on your level.

You will also get a chance to fight different boss and earn a rare item when you win. As a mafia leader you will also assign members of your mafia to be the mastermind, safecracker, bodyguard, bagman and others. It might not be as high tech or as graphic intensive as the regular online games but it provides interaction and a fan way to past time online.

So what are you waiting for be part of my mafia now...

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