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Farm Town Gets Boost from Judy Ann Santos

Farm Town a new gaming application in Facebook is getting a boost of fans and sign-ups from the Philippines. Thanks to Judy Anne Santos who in a television special revealed about her addiction to this game. Farm Town is basically a game where you play the part of a farmer or owner of a huge chunk of land. You are left on what to do with it, how to raise crops and livelihood and then sell it.

In farm town you will start with some money and a few plots where you can harvest. This is only supposed to show you how to play the game and then after that you are on your own. You can plant different vegetables and fruits like corn, rice, tomato, strawberry, lemon tree, apple tree and many more.

Since this game is also time based you have to often check on your farm because your plants may get over ripe thus resulting in wasted harvest. At farm town you earn when you sell your crops or items after they are harvested. I do not know yet how the market looks like or how will it function in the game. You can also earn points by doing some tasks to your neighbors and friends. These tasks commonly pays you 15 coins.

Honestly it is not a very exciting game and it is kinda a girls game although I would admit that it is also a good game to pass time. So search and install Farm Town now in your Facebook.

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