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Beware of Identity Theft, Protect Yourself

Identity theft is a crime used to refer to fraud that involves someone pretending to be someone else in order to steal money or get other benefits. The term is relatively new and is actually a misnomer, since it is not inherently possible to steal an identity, only to use it. The person whose identity is used can suffer various consequences when he or she is held responsible for the perpetrator's actions. In many countries specific laws make it a crime to use another person's identity for personal gain.

Identity theft is somewhat different from identity fraud, which is related to the usage of a 'false identity' to commit fraud. Identity theft means impersonating a real person. So how do you protect yourself from it? One of the many methods is through LifeLock.

With identity theft becoming a growing threat for all Americans, the identity theft protection business has boomed. One of the newest companies to enter the identity theft protection game is LifeLock, which backs it’s claims up with a $1million total service guarantee. Now, that’s walking the talk!

Identity Theft and LifeLock world hand in hand to protect your identity both offline and online. This system will perform the necessary processes to request removal of your name from junk mail lists have your name removed from pre-approved credit offer lists, which reduces the risk of someone trying to use pre-approved credit card junk mail to steal your identity.

So as a recommendation if you want to be protected you can check out and try Identity Theft and LifeLock

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