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End of the World? Nope... It's Earth Day 2009

Today is EARTH DAY!

In behalf of World Creative Youth Forum (WCYF) 2009 we invite you to join various celebrations which is near your area to be part of this global effort to raise awareness for our planet.

We also INVITE YOU TO DONATE A GIFT OF P300 ($10) FOR THE EARTH and GET FREE "One Life, One Earth Baller Band" plus a FREE CD. This donation will help support WCYF 2009 in its aim to mainstream Sustainable Development to our youth and to other sectors. For more information on how to donate please visit or you can text/call +63-916-5450452

We would like to share a message from the WCYF 2009 Forum Moderator, Mr. Roy Cabonegro:

The Earth Day commemoration started in the United States in the 70s as a national teach-in on environmental issues to spark public awareness, action. The original Earth Day is March 20 equinox when the night and day are of equal lengths in all places around the world symbolizing equity and unity.

While it has promote environmentalism worldwide, we must revive our own environmental movements and awareness from within our cultural experience benefitting from its wisdom and inspiration.

Macliing Dulag, a Kalinga Tibal Leader died on April 24, 1980 fighting off the Chico Dam. He said, "Title, documents, proofs of ownership, such arrogance to speak of owning the land, when us shall be owned by it. How can you own that which outlives you?"

Let us together reflect on this message and be one once again with the Earth.


For the youth and the earth,

Co-Chairperson WCYF 2009

National Secretary General / International Council
Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD)
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