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Lost Returns on January 21st with Season 5

ENTERTAINMENT MONDAY: The story of the survivors of Flight 815 continues as Lost Season 5 begins on January 21st. On the last season of the series, 6 of the survivors were able to get out of the island and return to their original life or is it really a return? As with the first four seasons Lost will again recapture our imagination by a new way of revealing the real story and what the island really is. Up to the last season all of the existing ideas about the island were shattered including the first widely held notion that it was like a purgatory. So what are we expecting this season?

Season five follows two primary story lines. The first takes place on the island, which has been moved in both space and time by Ben, and focuses on the events that lead to Locke's death in 2007. The second takes place off the island following Locke's death and deals with Jack and Ben's attempt to reunite the Oceanic Six and return to the island with Locke's dead body.

LOST - Season 5 OFFICIAL Promo/Trailer

Instead of using flashbacks and flash forwards as in previous seasons, stories throughout the fifth season will play out on and off the island at different points in time. With this new storytelling structure, the back stories of Ben, Rousseau, Richard, Daniel and Miles will be further revealed, but not through flashbacks. According to Carlton Cuse, the "mysterious things [that] happen … to Claire [in the final episodes of the fourth season] set up the next few ... years" of her storyline.

Areas intended to be explored included:
  • Why was Libby (Cynthia Watros) in the mental institution?
  • Why Ms. Hawking (Fionnula Flanagan) was in a photograph with Brother Campbell (Andrew Conolly)?
  • What happened between Ben and Henry Gale, the survivor of a hot air balloon crash?
  • How Ben was caught in Rousseau's trap in the second season episode titled "One of Them"?
  • What is the four-toed statue seen by Sayid, Jin and Sun?

So I guess if we want to get answers to the questions above the best thing to do is watch and again get hooked to Lost. Don't forget to watch the first two episodes back-to-back on American Broadcasting Company Network in the United States, and on CTV in Canada in January 21. Lost is scheduled to return in the UK on January 25th, 2009 on Sky One.

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