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Barack Obama Inauguration Post Speech Photos

Here are some pictures which I captured after the Inauguration Speech of President Barack Obama. The scenery and sight is simply historical and amazing. The photos are in 3 parts generally: the crowd, Bush departure and the Inaugural Luncheon. Just adding some spice to today's historic and monumental inauguration of the 44th and 1st ever African-American President of the United States. Obama also signed the ofhe official document which puts him on the payroll of the United States government as shown in the photo below.

THE CROWD AND VENUE. The crowd were ecstatic. More than 2 million people gathered on Capitol Hill to watch the Inauguration of the new president and support him to resolve the crisis that the country is facing. Here are some shots after the historic inauguration.

BUSH DEPARTURE. As the tradition goes right after the inauguration, former U.S. President George W. Bush departed via helicopter to go back to their ranch in Texas.

. Right after the speech in front of the millions of people watching on Capitol Hill and around the world, a celebration and victory lunch was held. They call it the Inauguration Luncheon where as I may say, the first minutes of working as an official President begins. President Barack and Joe Biden will officially be welcomed by everyone.

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