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13 Against 1300: Is That Justice for Israel?

POLITICALLY WEDNESDAY: Some say that articles like this are hate content but for me they are not. I am wondering why the civilized nations of this world is supporting Israel in its retaliation. Do you expect for Hamas or the people of Palestine to just stop their war after all they have lost 1,300 people and about 300 of those are children and more than half are civilians. The cost of life is 100 Palestinians to 1 Israeli dead. That is how costly the life of ever Israeli is. The hypocrisy of war justified by the need to exist in a country where they have no right in the first place.

As I am writing this blog post, Israel and Hamas is again on the brink of war, after a roadside bomb killed 1 Israeli soldier. Now, Palestinians have to face the consequences and pay the price of justice. How much? Another 100 Palestinians need to be killed to satisfy the hunger of this so called chosen people of God.

Do they have the right to kill people? What is the United Nations doing?

Israel and Hamas should stop from this useless war. Hamas is provoking Israel's anger and the one facing the brunt of that anger are innocent women and children. How can Hamas on their part let this happen? Can they not talk peacefully and coexist with Israel? What's wrong with being a Jew or a Christian or a Muslim anyway?

I just hope that there would be a peaceful solution and that Israel and Hamas would talk peace and come to terms. Stop the suffering of the innocent and have a heart. If you are really a believer of Allah and God then you should live by their greatest tenet which is love and peace.

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