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Sole Survivor JC Tiuseco and an Analysis of Survivor Philippines

ENTERTAINMENT MONDAY: It has been a week since I posted on this blog and what better way to start that to have an analysis of the recently concluded Survivor Philippines were JC Tiuseco emerged as the overwhelming choice in both the jury votes and the so called text votes. But not so long ago just a week after the airing of the show there was a leak which says that it was already concluded that JC won the reality show and vested everyone else. The alleged source of this leak was staff of the show talking in a certain restaurant. At first I did not believe it but looking closer it seems to be very legitimate. Why? Then read on...

First, if it was a hunch, JC would not be the first choice to won Survivor Philippines. He was just a school boy not doing anything, seldom talks and seems to be a happy-go-lucky person at the start. He was weak in most of the starting challenges and seems not to show any interest in winning. It was just in the later parts that he began to show his prowess, charisma, ability and psych that took him to the final two.

Second, the live finale is too much of a mock-up. Seeing the face and looks of both Rob and JC will let you know that the event seems to took place more than a month after the end of the show. Do you think that a search would let the final two wait for 2 months to reveal the winner or is it easier to let all of them sign a waiver saying that they will not tell anyone who wins until it was finally declared.

In the finale JC seems to be better and cleaner because he has no mustache and beard although for me he looks better with them. Rob seems to gain some muscle and weight and well he looks a lot better way back in the island. Seems that the island mix makes them look better although the stress and challenge is what did that actually.

Third, it was never revealed, at least not until the final episodes that a text vote will be used to add up to the votes. This was never used in any Survivor Series ever because the reality show belongs to the participants and the decision also belongs to them and not third party viewers. However, as usual the text capital of the world added this so called text vote and overwhelmingly JC Tiuseco is the choice of 93% of them.

Having said all of that I would like to go to the question of "Who deserves to win Survivor Philippines?" I have a few list of them.

1. Nanay Zita Ortiga. The most deserving of all of them would be her. Her reason for joining is not because of personal interest alone but because she want to give future to her family. Her kids and her ailing relatives. Nanay Zita never experienced a life of ease but instead she constantly experienced hardships and a life of constant challenge. This made her strong willed and a true person as shown in Survivor Philippines.

2. Crisanto "Cris" Cartagena. An ideal father who works as a company driver and taxi driver to provide for his three kids. Although Survivor Philippines is not all about who deserves to win but I think Cris is one of those who are most deserving. He had worked hard and I think he deserves rest and some reward for that.

3. Raymund Francis "Kiko" Rustia. Some would not agree with this third choice but I think he is one of the most straight forward and real persons among the cast aways. Although he can be very bossy and seems to want to always take the lead but come to think of it he has what it takes to be a real leader.

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