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Newz Around Us Year Ender: Obama, Mumbai and More

Newz Around Us would like to thank everyone for your continued support and visit to this blog. I know the fact that this blog may not enjoy that many visitors per day but I know that we are providing information to everyone and bits and pieces of making a difference for the earth. 2008 was a year of celebration, turmoil and controversy. From the Mumbai attacks which killed many people to the Russia-Georgia War and to the monumental election of Barack Obama as the first ever African-American President, we became witness to all of this. The campaign of Barack Obama had been one of the major coverage of this blog because we never thought that he could actually win but with the desire for change and the resonance of Yes We Can, he won the United States Presidency. As our year-ender and thanks we bring to you videos of 2008.. the year that is closing. Let us all look out positively to 2009. Here are some of the great and memorable events of 2009:

Barack Obama - Yes We Can music video

The video above was made after Obama's arousing Yes We Can Speech which led to the rallying of people around Obama and led to his victory.

President-Elect Barack Obama Victory Speech (Full Video)

Mumbai is reeling in the wake of a string of coordinated attacks by armed men which left scores dead and hundreds injured. Security forces on Saturday killed the last of the attackers at the Taj Mahal, three days after the gunmen had holed themselves up with several hostages. Al Jazeeras Sohail Rahman looks at how the attacks and the subsequent security operations unfolded.

How the deadly Mumbai attacks unfolded - 29 Nov 08

Who can forget the day when YouTube, the largest and number 1 video sharing site goes live. Here are some performances from there...

Guitar Hero - Joe Satriani & Funtwo - YouTube Live

"Welcome to Youtube", performed at youtube live! music and lyrics by Bo Burnham

And here are two great reviews of the year that was...

2008 'In Review' (Obama, economic crises, Lewis Hamilton, Heth Ledger etc)

JibJab - 2008 Year In Review

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