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Will Obama's Win in Dixville, NH Reflect the National Trend?

Barack Obama scored his first election day victory in tiny Dixville, New Hampshire outscoring John McCain 15 to 6 while in another nearby town, the town of Hart's location reported 17 votes for Obama, 10 for McCain and two for write-in Ron Paul. The two election day results were the first to be tallied and people are asking would it reflect the national trend?

Today's election could be closer than we all thought it would be. In several battle ground states Obama and McCain are neck and neck against each other. In Pennsylvania alone Obama's lead in recent polls have slipped from more than 12 points to just around 7 points.

In this election we see the switching of states allegiance towards the Democrats or the Republicans. It is a historic battle which is reshaping the political map of the United States.

Latest Yahoo Polls and Associated Poll results indicate 51.6% to 44.3% for Obama and when converted to state by state Electoral Votes that will be 196 for McCain and 318 for Obama. The winning president only needs 270 electoral votes to be proclaimed.

Within 48 hours or so we will finally know who win between Barack Obama and John McCain who competes for the historic presidential elections of the United States.

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