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Marlon Suvives Survivor Philippines; Kiko Becomes the Outcast

ENTERTAINMENT MONDAY: It was a greatly deviced plan and a show of the wit of Marlon and the Jarakay tribe. Marlon who sees himself in danger of being the next outcast in Survivor Philippines captivated a plan to turn the tide against Naak who outnumbers them 6-3. And on the Tribal Council Night it was to the surprise of Kiko that he became the castaway with a vote of 5-4 against him.

It was the trip outside camp which played the greatest role in MArlon's plan to succeed. When JC decided to tag along Kiko, Rob and Nanay Zita the game of politics begins. Cris felt that the agreement he called, "For the Boys" was broken as he sees Kiko using them. Meanwhile Kaye sees that if ever she will be in the top 6 after all the Jarakay was eliminated she will be the next to be cast out since the boys will naturally see him as the next target and Nanay Zita is protected by her use to the tribe.

The idea of a more level playing field with Jarakay made the two Naak insiders to switch side and eventually turn the tide of the game in their favor. With Kiko out the new Jarakay alliance was stronger 5-3 against the now minority Naak of JC, Rob and Nanay Zita.

Survivor Philippines setting and mood had suddenly changed. From a peaceful and cool game now it is a game of betrayal, anger and vengeance. What will happen if the former Naak will finally realize who betrayed them? What will Rob do since he was given the curse pearl by Kiko? The curse pearl gave him an additional one vote for the next tribal council.

Marlon can be said as the most effective strategist in Survivor Philippines since Day 1. His tactics had worked throughout the game... the question is will it bring him to the 3 million bucket? Let us wait and see.

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