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How To Make Subtitles in YouTube Videos?

TECH GUIDE IT'S FRIDAY (TGIF): So I thought I will be missing out on writing a tech guide this Friday and thanks to uploading a new video on YouTube I did found out that you can now create and add subtitles to your YouTube videos easier. As we all know subtitles are very important for various reasons. So do you want to know how? Below is a video which actually teaches you how to do it...

Captions and subtitles are the dialog of a video in written text format. Sometimes they also include information to help folks follow the dialog, like descriptions of music, phones ringing, and other sounds in a video's audio track.

Captions and subtitles make videos accessible to a wider audience by allowing folks who can not otherwise understand the audio track to follow along, especially those who are hard-of-hearing or speak other languages. Captions are in the same language as the video's audio track. Subtitles are in a different language.

You can add captions/subtitles to videos you've uploaded. It's optional but strongly encouraged to make your videos available to as many people as possible.

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