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Green Alert to Environmental Groups "Don't Loose Your Sight on MKNP Issue"

GREEN TUESDAY: Bacolod City: Green Alert Negros is appealing to the rest of the environmental organizations in Negros not to lose their sight on the truth regarding the issues confronting Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park. This is in response to the “satisfactory rating” given by the Negros Forest and Ecological Foundation Inc. (NFEFI) to the clearing operations of the Energy Development Corporation inside the 12.5 hectares inside Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park. NFEFI is the NGO representative in the Oversight and Monitoring Committee of the Provincial Government.

“We don’t know what Mr. Paul Lizares of NFEFI mean when he expressed his satisfaction on the clearing operations of EDC inside Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park. Mr. Lizares chairman of the board of the Northern Negros Forest Ecological Foundation Inc. stress that EDC “did what they were supposed to do,”. And what does Mr. Lizares mean by this, the circumvention of the existing laws protecting Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park and clearing of a protected area which is of significant biodiversity niche and watershed area to Negros? “Mark Cervantes of Green Alert stressed.

Lizares, who had visited and inspected the EDC work at the buffer zone with other monitoring committee members four times already, said the concerns he had raised in the cutting of trees inside the buffer zone, have all been answered. Further Lizares said EDC tried to avoid as much as possible the cutting of century-old trees, by diverting the road network inside the buffer zone.

“Mr. Lizares and NFEFI miss the point on this issue and his statement is very dangerous. The people should know that we don’t have enough forest cover left in Negros and as an environmentalist who belongs to an environmental foundation he should know the implications of the clearing operations of EDC to our remaining forest cover. Fact is, our watershed has depleted already as early as the 1990’s and even NFEFI recognized that inside Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park both endemic and endangered flora and fauna exists.”, Green Alert stressed.

“We appeal to all environmental organizations in the Province to be critical on the said issue. We should not be blinded on the sugar coated promises that the project will be giving to the Province and should not rely on mechanisms and regulations that are anti-environment. There is no power crisis in Negros and there are other viable renewable energy options other than geothermal development inside Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park. We should think that the continuing depletion of our forests would mean disaster and risks like drought and floods. I believe Mr. Lizares and NFEFI know about this.” Green Alert added.

For Green Alert Negros; MARK CERVANTES Coordinator Green Alert Negros

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