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United States Decides: Week of Judgment for McCain and Obama

RELAXING SUNDAY: November 1 and November 2 of each year is dubbed as All Saint's Day and All Souls Day. It is the day when we commemorate the soul of our dearly departed love ones and for Catholics a day where the deeds of saints were remembered. Not many know the difference of these two days but it is also worth mentioning in this post. So what's up and coming this week?

This week will be the week of revelation and judgment as the United States Presidential Election battle between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain comes to a close. On November 4 the United States citizen will decide on who will be the next President. Would it be a black young reformer or would it be an old white conservative?

So far Obama had pulled away in all the major national polls with almost double digit leads but will there be a spoiler on election day? Well let us see. This week will be the most interesting and heart pounding week for the United States.

As for those who had enjoyed the weekend visiting their love ones or having a Halloween Party. I hope that you had find time to reminisce good old memories, give thanks to your love ones and at least find time to recreate and do away with the stress at work.

For me, well there is all but meetings and preparation for the World Creative Youth Forum (WCYF) 2009 and of course the usual blogging day... and not to forget is a good day with my family and kids.

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