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Yahoo Verification Scam Spreading Through E-mail

TECH GUIDE IT'S FRIDAY (TGIF): Beware of emails posing to be verification emails from Yahoo in oder to maintain your free account. The email is from Yahoo Customer Service!!! with an email address, This alone would make you wonder why is yahoo sending an e-mail hosted on a different email account. Besides since Yahoo is still the number 1 email provider the free account will never be taken away and Yahoo will never ever send a verification letter asking you to send your name and password. The picture of the email with graphics can be seen below.

Just a note to everyone in order to avoid being a victim of scams like this:
  • Verify the email address or where the email came from
  • Use common sense when it comes to the email content
  • Yahoo will never ask for your username and password
  • Be cautious

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