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Steve Adams for President of the United States?

Steve Adams who? Yes, there is one independent candidate for this years United States Election in November 4 who is running independent and is utilizing the internet like blogs and YouTube in order to drive across his message of change and reform. And personally, this person does make a lot of sense specially when it comes to the fact that the system indeed made people choose from just among two parties who may or may not have the answer to the problems of the country. So who is Steve Adams?

Stephen Paul Adams is running for President of the United States and is offering a third choice between John McCain and Barack Obama. Adams works at a software engineer at a local technology company and is a volunteer at the United States Methodist and Lutheran churches. He has two Chilren Daniel and Liz and if elected will be the youngest president at the age of 42.

CNN - If I Were President

I have a "real job" much like many of you. I work at a local technology company where I design software. I have held several volunteer positions in the United Methodist and Lutheran churches, serving mostly in the area of youth, for 18 years. On multiple trips and outings, people have trusted the lives of their children with me. What is more precious or valuable than one's children?

He offers interesting and relevant stand on various issues from the Iraq War to Abortion to Marriage and many more. The popularity of this candidate is also increasing because as of now he has 696 supporters majority of them coming from Kentucky, Texas, Ohio and Florida. As of today he is also registered with the FEC as a Presidential Candidate and 'Steve Adams for President' is now registered with the FEC as a Campaign Committee.

Steve Adams Interview on FOX News

Here are some links of Steve Adams for President:

Will this virtual campaign and almost impossible go for the president become successful? My honest opinion it will not be possible in the near future. Why? The United States like most countries are run by the elite and only those with money, connections and enough popularity can win.

My final say to Steve Adams is good luck and at least you have shown that anyone can run and the Presidency is not just for the elite. A salute to you!

But wait it seems his last YouTube appearance is 11 months ago... so where is Steve Adams now?

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