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Politically Wednesday: The Oval Office Gets Ready for Obama

The second presidential debate between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain is officially over and it seems there is no clear victor over the debate. Both traded punches and accusations and also twisted some facts to make their opponent look weaker. It seems that the current situation however is greatly favoring Obama rather than McCain.

As the United States Presidential elections draws to a close in just less than four weeks, Barack Obama had increased his lead in nationwide polls. An NBC-Wall Street Journal poll found Obama supported by 49 percent of registered voters, a 6-point margin over McCain. Obama led McCain 53 percent to 45 percent among likely voters in a CNN-Opinion Research Corp. He also is ahead by 8 points in a Gallup Inc. daily tracking poll of registered voters.

If Barack Obama continuous to lead significantly up to election day we maybe looking at the first ever black president of the United States. Women and working class had also shifted from McCain to supporting Barack Obama. Vice President Sarah Palin's popularity and women support had also eroded as she demonstrated that she is less than capable to be at the oval office.

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