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Entertainment Monday: Survivor's Tribal Council Elimination is Unfair

Cesar "Gigit" Sulit and Jervy "Patani" Daño were the two latest castaways who had been eliminated from Survivor Philippines. They had been eliminated simultaneously and without warning. Paolo Bediones, host of the show said that things like that happen and it is the rule of the franchise. However in my opinion what had happened is a grave injustice and is basically unfair to the Jarakay Tribe. They had lost only once since the start of the series but they had been slapped with two eliminations at once.

In this series the evidence of back fighting and greed can really be seen. Of all the members of the Jarakay Tribe, the least I expected to be eliminated immediately was Gigit because he is indeed very useful to the group but it seems the threat of him is what made all the castaways of the tribe to choose him.

After being eliminated Bediones announced that they should be ready for another elimination that same night. All of the members of the tribe where shocked since it was unplanned and this was evident on how they voted although the outcome is predicted. Patani was voted out. Patani never showed any regret of her tribemates' choice and as she said that all she wants is exposure.

Why eliminate two castaways of Jarakay? What is the logic? They had been very competitive and in fact they only lost once in the whole series. They are a very strong team. I thought that per immunity challenge only one will be eliminated but it seems that is not the case... for me it had been unfair for them.

But viewing it from the other side the elimination seems to prevent a planned voting of the tribe which they seem to be doing considering the two alliance in Jarakay. I am sure that Naak will be happy to find Gigit gone and they will never be surprised that Patani had been voted out.

Survivor Philippines is shown Monday to Friday 9:30pm at GMA Channel 7.

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