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Dakila Collective, Making Relevant Influence Through Music and Arts

DAKILA Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism is an organization of artists and individuals committed to advocating nobility of thought and action among both their industry peers and their immediate audiences. The core missions of DAKILA are awareness, education, and involvement. Below is a video about one of their advocacies and perhaps shares their main idealism.

DAKILA aims to make the public aware of crucial concerns affecting society, to educate both the audience and, more importantly, themselves about pressing social concerns, which should effectively inform the methods of creative expression and to be consistently and dynamically involved in activities geared toward achieving the common good.

Dakila is a Filipino terms which means noble or nobility. It is also perhaps one of the greatest traits of the Filipino people. This nobility was also the one sighted for the logic in changing the name of the Philippines to Maharlika because Filipinos are a noble race.

DAKILA, believe that...

  1. Nobility begins in the mind and ends in action.
  2. Nobility knows no social and economic status— all human beings possess an innate sense of honor and dignity.
  3. True nobility is not defined by pedigree or wealth but by one's actions.
  4. Art is one of the noblest human endeavors— the only way of expressing the inexpressible.
  5. Art does not exist in a vacuum. After his own self, the artist has a responsibility towards the reality that surrounds him.
  6. Art may not change the world, but it can change the way we view the world.
  7. For true revolution begins in the imagination.
  8. We recognize all those who have sacrificed their lives in the past so that our freedom and the nobility of the race may live on— we recognize our heroes, our martyrs, the disciples of the arts who have dedicated themselves to thetruest, noblest cause. We honor them by treading the same path.

If you want to know more about Dakila you can contact or visit the following:
Cellular: +63922 8144626 / +63905 4292539

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