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What Caused Barack Obama's Losing Pitch?

During the past weeks we have seen the gain in the polls by Democratic Presidential Candidate John McCain and a losing end on the Democrat Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama but what have caused it? Did Senator Obama made some wrong decisions along the way and did John McCain simply made the right counter tactics in order to outflank and outmaneuver the neophyte Senator.

Let us see how it turns out to be the race it was todays...

1. The Joe Biden Choice - Senator Obama chose fellow Senator Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, Jr to be his running mate. No question about that because it seems to be the right move. He can practically help him on issues specially foreign policy. It was indeed a great choice but certainly this has issues as well. Despite Biden's strength in campaigning and sabotaging the opponent, it also is a contradiction of what Obama called a politics of change. Obama had advocated for change but when he selected Biden it seemed to be fairly the same as it was before.

2. The Hilary Factor - Despite the fact that Hillary and Bill Clinton did endorse Obama in an laudable speech there was still lots of looses for the candidate when he decided not to choose her as a running mate. Certainly he might be losing the Latino and women vote. Clinton is very popular among Latinos and women voters and that is what carried her campaign. Of course her supporters might say they will be turning the support to Obama but how many of them would actually vote for him.

3. The Sarah Palin Surprise - John McCain srprised everyone even his own party when he choose little known Republican Governor from Alaska, Sarah Palin as his presidential running mate. It was indeed a surprise but a tactical counteroffensive from McCain. He knows that the Obama-Biden ticket can surely be outrun by forging a ticket that can get the women vote which is so passionate on having the first ever woman in the Oval office. This is probably the best decision that John McCain did during the campaign.

4. Change in Characters and Roles - I am noticing changing of the characters and roles of the two presidential candidates. Although I am definitely for Barack Obama since I do thing that McCain might just be playing things in order to win this game, have anyone noticed that McCain had become more of the changemaker and Obama had become lesser of it?

The Obama camp is resulting into agreesive ads which they are hating during the primary ... well the Republican camp is doing that as well. The election seems to be a hack and slash match wherein whoever reputation gets destroyed first will be the sure looser.

5. Eloquence vs Eloquence - Barack Obama at this moment is no longer the single eloquent candidate in the elections. He may have met his match in Republican Vice President Sarah Palin who moves the crowds with hockey jokes, lipstick and casual conversation. Certainly people with a lot of problems specially now that America is facing a huge financial crisis needs a joke or two in order to cheer them up. I just hope that the elections does not turn into a comedy bar scene.

John McCain had matched and even edged Barack Obama in almost all of the polls. He had done a maverick return into this campaign but that is to be expected. Let us remember that the neophyte Obama is facing a veteran candidate who is equipped with war tactics that can be applied in politics.

Why Obama is still the best choice? I think a new face deserves to be in Washington not as a Vice President but as a President. It is about time that America elected a black president.