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Sarah Palin's RNC Speech Means Nothing

The highly acclaimed and praised speech of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin generally means nothing. Palin's speech uses words that are generally entertaining to hear and gives a youthful tone to it that will generally gets the youth jumping around. But if you try to dissect bits and pieces of what she said, you might even agree that she is generally contradicting McCain's policies. (View Speech Here)

Sarah Palin was the governor of Alaska. She was linked to the Alaska Independent Party who is seeking independence from the United States and which her husband is an active party member. Palin attacked Obama on all fronts and questions his capability, the thing is what does she had to offer?

John McCain's VP candidate is using her words to arouse woman's interest. She is flavoring the speech which things that upon scrutiny generally means nothing. She is even pointing out to so called reforms which for sure John McCain would never ever initiate. She is talking about the Washington politics which her party and President George W. Bush is doing for all we know.

Are you upbeat and hyped by what Sarah Palin said? Maybe there is nothing wrong with that but the thing is she had not touched the basic issues. She had swing the dance that the regular politics in America is dancing. How can she institute reform with a so called maverick like Jon McCain who will do the same thing that George W. Bush did?

If we want genuine change then let us go to that person who make it clear on Day 1. Let us support Barack Obama and John Biden for President and Vice President of the United States.

They may not be the best but certainly they have better things to offer.