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Advocacy Saturday: Blogging for the Deaf

Is this blog turning out to be a commentary blog? Well I don't know maybe just a bit... after all news and opinion are most of the time linked together. Today, I would like to congratulate and talk about a blog which tackles about the deaf. The blog, "Filipino Deaf from the Eyes of a Hearing Person" talks about the experiences, life, struggles and hopes of the deaf person and how we as hearing persons can make a difference. His blog is about hope and a bright future for those among us who have not been blesses by the full facets of physical well being.

Advocacy does not come only to people who are paid to do advocacy works. In the world there are thousands and thousands of organizations working for various causes and most of them receive high paid salaries. But there are also those among us who work for an advocacy and is so passionate about is but does not work because of the money.

Sir Jojo or Jojo I. Esposa Jr. is the blogger behind these wonderful and inspiring advocacy. He was born and raised in Manila, Philippines and is currently the Training Director of Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf. He is also the first president of Philippine Web Accessibility Group, an advocacy group that teaches and promotes Web accessibility in the Philippines as a method of making information accessible to all including persons with disabilities (PWD).

A blogger, an individual and a hearing person with a heart for the deaf and Persons With Disabilities. If you have time and if you are lurking around the world wide web please do visit his blog at

As Gandhi says, "Be the change you want to see in the world." Through our works we had lived life to the fullest.

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