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What's Wrong With Palestine? Why is Israel so Important?

While reading the blog Window Into Palestine, I though what is the problem with Palestine and why is Israel so important? Well to think of it first and foremost Israel had been a long standing and loyal ally of the United States and with its topnotch army and weapons the United States can fireback at any country in the Middle East who offends them. Wow! That was one sure reason behind it or otherwise slap me on the face if that is not true.

What's wrong with Palestine? Well it is a Muslim country with many of them believing in a strong Islamic State and they are not happy with the United States. That is basically what's wrong with them. Should we blame them for that? I do not think so! Everyone has a right to exist regardless of their belief, color or gender.

The irony is that Israel had been the origin of Christianity practiced by majority of people around the world and yet it seems that they are not practicing what the Bible says. If following the Bible means shooting children and rendering many people homeless then I no longer know what Christianity is. The Middle East is having problems because of nations such as Israel and the United States... not their people but their government who is agitating people.

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