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Watch the 2008 Beijing Olympics Live via the Internet and Online

There are many people who are asking me the thousand dollar question of where can they watch Beijing Olympics Online. There are those who are frustrated including me because the official 2008 Beijing Olympics channel in YouTube is not available in the Philippines.

This how can i see live feeds of Beijing 2008 on my pc ?
or ... watching olympic time trials on line ?
or ... watch olympic swimming trials live ?
or ... watch olympic track and field trials ?
or ... where can i watch olympics internet ?

Well if you want to find out continue reading below...

1) Official Beijing Olympics 2008 YouTube Channel. Thanks to Badabings for this info.
2) Watch through tvtonicc
3) For Windows Vista users you can can see the Olympics through msn live
4) Through NBC at
5) Official Site of Olympics Videos Beijing video feeds
6) at Wikepidia Coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics
7) Via the Official 2008 Olympics Site
8) CBC Olympics Live
9) ABC Olympics Broadcasting
10) BBC Olympics Live
11) ESPN Olympics Live
12) Beijing Olympic Website
13) Watch Olympics Online for free

Well there may be more but I hope that we had helped you to answer that question. Thanks to THIS BLOG for providing this answer.

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