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Celebrities to Join Thousands of Youth in Revolutionary Talk Show

Noe of Letto, Paquita Widjaja, Nasir Abas and Rafli to Join Thousands of Youth in Banda, Aceh and Jogjakarta in Revolutionary Talk Show on AUgust 28.

In times of raging war in Russia and Georgia; in the face of the raging war in Israel and other parts of the world it is about time that the youth and the world talks peace. I personally salute PeaceTech for once again realizing and organizing this Live Video Dialogue through the second series of PeaceTech. Thanks and Congratulations!

Excerpt from The celebrities will be coming to Banda, Aceh and to Jogjakarta to support thousands of youth as they participate in Indonesia’s New Talk Show: “Being a Young Indonesian Muslim.” (For the Philippines related Dialogue between Baguio and Cotabato CLICK HERE)

Linked by satellite, the giant videoconference will link the youth of Banda, Aceh and Yogyakarta on what it means to be a young Muslim in Indonesia. The event is the first of several throughout Indonesia. Its purpose is to promote understanding for how Islam is a Religion of Peace and to build respect between our nation’s youth.

PeaceTech Inc. and the Wahid Institute are holding the videoconferences. Their goal is to present Indonesia as a modal for Muslim states around the world.

Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim majority! We should use our influence to show the world that Muslim peoples can respect one another despite our differences. And that’s what we are going to do through the PeaceTech talk show when we connect thousands of youth in Banda, Aceh and Yogyakarta on giant screens!,” says PeaceTech Project Manager, Agus Nahresza.

PeaceTech Inc. and the Wahid Institute will hold international videoconferences between Indonesia and the Philippines in early 2009, after the Indonesian series ends. The focus will then be on linking Indonesia’s youth with youth from one of the world’s largest Christian majorities. The topic for this series is building understanding between Muslim and non-Muslims peoples.

PeaceTech Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that leverages technology to build understanding between our world’s youth. Its programs are in education; communication; and youth advocacy.

Aman Indonesia; the Aceh Justice Resource Center and Indosat are all partnering in the upcoming event.

For further information in Banda, Aceh, please contact Badrus Fata at: 0856 424 78833; or Agus Nahresza at: 0856 424 78844.

For further information in Yogyakarta, please contact: Imam Malik at: 0815 780 00211; or Ibad at: 0813 920 25426

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