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The Lowest Grossing Film of All Time

While different blogs and people is on the hype for the top grossing films and blockbusters don't you know that there is a certain movie which only grossed US$30. Yes, indeed you read that right. The movie Sysexx, I mean ZYZZYX RD. only grossed thirty dollars as it is shown in a Texas theater for a week where it earned a mere thirty bucks. The meager box-office draw landed the film in the "Guinness Book of Records" as the lowest grossing film of all time.

Personally I can see why it landed that award. Who would ever make a title of a movie that is so hard to pronounce and even remember. Let me look down further at wikipedia since I might not be able to find this in any DVD stores or video rentals.

From Wikipedia:
Grant (Grillo) is an accountant with a bad marriage and a daughter whom he loves. He takes to the road to service his accounts in Las Vegas. While there he meets seductive Marissa (Heigl). They have a week-long affair which culminates in the arrival of Marissa's ex-boyfriend, Joey (Sizemore). Joey attempts to kill the lovers, but Grant gets the upper hand. Grant and Marissa then drive Joey's body to Zyzzyx Road and Grant buries Joey in the desert there. But in the morning the body is missing and something is trying to kill Grant and Marissa.

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