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Entrecard Introduces the EntreBar for Your Firefox 3 Browser

Entrecard is introducing a new innovation to help blogger members of the EC community through the introduction of the EntreBar. EntreBar is an add-on to FireFox 3. This add-on will enable Entrecard members to easily switch between accounts, monitor their daily drops, message members, manage ad campaigns and many more at the convenience of their browser window.

Entrecard is showing its passion to serve and give convenience to its members in a surprise. I was in fact surprised by this development perhaps because I am not reading the Entrecard blog. The sad thing though is FireFox 3 in my computer at home is still crashing for unknown reason... but well I find this add-on really helpful.

So if you want to know more about the EntreBar visit the ENTRECARD BLOG. You can also download it BY CLICKING HERE.