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Thirst for War and Abandonement of Humanity

Human's thirst for war and wanton destruction of property and killing of human lives had been an extinct of humans for many years. It was adamant in many wars that lasted even for a century. The first civilizations were frequent war mongers as well. Here is a picture courtesy of the Skirmisher from his story, "Just A Sec Before Everything Went White" shows how unknowing people could suffer from the atrocities caused by governments.

People suffer in war and there is no victor but will there be a need for war if people would only discuss things and be open minded? The main cause of war is close mindedness and inability to be humane or to respect people.

There is an ongoing war on terrorism which causes the death of many civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and even Israel and Palestine but did we ask ourselves who is the real terrorists? Some government who are tasked to protect their people or who are trusted by many just use their power and create legal terrorism on others.

Some examples of this are the bombings in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the political killings in Zimbabwe and the Philippines, the Tiananmen Square massacre, the killings in Burma, the War in Iraq and many more.

The decision to go into war is an abandonment of once humanity in its true essence. Although going into war is a human instinct, humanity's humaneness discourages the killing of people for a cause specially those that are not part of the conflict.

Should people suffer the harshness of weapons of war? I don't think so... would you like to experience these bombs? I hope not!