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Fifth Grego book now off the press

The third printing of “The American Blackmails on the Philippines and the World”, a fifth book published by Congress Magazine and written by author, professor, historian, and veteran journalist Dr. Frank Grego is now off the press.

The 250-page book is a product of Grego’s critical thinking and highly analytical lectures before his graduate and post-graduate students where he traces the American oppression, persecution and repression against the Philippines , Mexico , Puerto Rico , Nicaragua , Cuba , Haiti , Sto. Domino, Hawaii and other weaker nations since 1898.

Written in the crunchy, coherent, and emphatic style of an award winning author, editor, columnist, and academe, the book could be crisply read in three hours. It is a sequel to his first book, The American Violations from 1898 to 1978.

Grego’s other books were Powers and Functions of Batasang Pambansa, Dictatorship under the Guise of a Unicameral Parliament, History of the Philippine Congress from Tejeros in 1897 to Batasan in 2007, and the Spratlys, now a Casket in the Bathtub.

The renowned author is also a speechwriter of 16 congressmen; chairman of the selection committee that proclaims the annual 30 Most Outstanding Congressmen since 1992; a most sought biographer of the members of Congress, editor of Congress Magazine, and columnist of Trade Express Asia.