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Earthquake on Friday, July 18, 2008 Might Happen

The predicted magnitude 8.1 earthquake in the Philippines by Juseleeno Nobulega Daroose (real name Jucelino Nobrega da Luz) might actually happen. All her prediction might actually come true after all if she eventually succeeds in convincing people that this event will occur and set their mind in believing her predictions. Why I am saying this? Well read on...

The human brain is believed to have the capacity to make things happen and to actualize things that we want to see or to occur. In the Bible itself it was said that words can move mountains. These words and thoughts combined can actually create an energy that might trigger this phenomenon to happen on July 18.

As of now I am hearing people instructing their children not to go to school and even themselves preparing for it. The negative wave of energy being generated by a hoax and bogus prediction like this might make it a reality after all.

But the thing is who knows if it is indeed false as well. When Noah told the people that there will be a big flood no one believed him and indeed there was a flood. One of the greatest fortune teller, Nostradamus predicted many things and many of them where believed to have actually happened.

The best thing we can do is NOT TO BELIEVE THAT AN EARTHQUAKE WILL OCCUR. Juseleeno Nobulega Daroose's prediction of an earthquake on July 12, 2008 WILL NOT HAPPEN AND WE WILL ALL BE SAFE.

Do not put any attention to it and focus your mind on your everyday work and schedule. Pray and let God be your shield and protector.

And if an earthquake do occur do not panic and never ever think that it was what Juseleeno Nobulega Daroose had predicted. We will be safe and no disaster will occur on July 18. There will be no earthquake on July 18, 2008.