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Cigarette is 100% Dangerous to Your Health

There is a massive campaign to curve smoking around the world. It has been found out finally at least that smoking does nothing good to our body. Before smoking was like something hot and part of pop culture though it continues to be up to this day in most countries but at least now the ads are lessened and the messages are closely monitored. Before even the Flintstones endorsed a cigarette brand.

Flintstones endorsing Winston Cigarettes.

Another video shows that cigarettes can freshen your breath and softens the air.

What on the world is this for? It seems that the addiction for cigarette had been brought by subliminal commercials like this. Around the world thousand dies of cancer from smoking with another half of them dying even though they are second degree smokers. Second degree smokers are those which do not smoke but gets smoke from the smoker.

Old Ad for Salem Cigarettes

A big advise to my dear readers if you are a smoker please stop smoking and if you are not a smoker yet please do not smoke. Save your kids and save other people.