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Boys Kissing Boys : What's With It?

Well those who are not familiar with bisexuality will often ask what's hot with boys kissing boys? Well the thing is there are certain reasons why they do become hot and people fall in love with the same sex. I am not saying that I am encouraging it but the thing is we should not judge them. They feel certain emotions and they have a view on love that for some maybe crazy but if you just take a deeper understanding you will know why.

Boys Kissing Boys?

Why do boys kiss? Here are some of my takes on that...

1. They felt really horny. Well what can we do they are humans after all.
2. Just for fun. A little fun and thrill of kissing the same gender will not hurt right.
3. They are in love. Well what's new with it? Everyone has the right to love someone.
4. One of them is gay or bisexual or both are bisexual. Well it is their preference.
5. Just for the show. It is just for the camera and for hits on YouTube so get over it.

Well whatever the reason is we should not be shocked finding boys kissing boys... sometimes it is indeed fun and thrilling. Respect for each other is what we should have.

Here's another video and hope no offense my dear readers. Comments are always welcome. If you ask me why did I post this on this site well the issue of same sex is getting hot again so its a news around us.. am just giving you things that I think people should know.