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Be a part of Liam’s Life, in Yahoo! Mail! What?

I was surprised to see a jiggling digital animated icon in front of my e-mail and then there was a link saying, "What's This?" and so I clicked it and I was transferred to a page entitled, "Be a part of Liam’s Life, in Yahoo! Mail". What? Ah.. so that is the name of that jumping character giving tips about Yahoo. So he is Liam... hmmm and mind you there is also a biography about this character.

Well how about you? Do you like Liam or not? Give Liam some comment below...

The irony is that upon reading most of the posts many like to kill Liam. Well he should be prepared with that as to be honest when I tried to click on the buttons well I am not impressed. What is the use of the "Feed Me", "Exercise Me" and "Keep Me Happy" buttons? When you click one the other meters drop down and vice versa.

How can Yahoo keep Liam happy when all they do on the graphics is torture the poor animated thing? Well I do not see yet how this will improve New Yahoo Mail and well for me this seems rather useless.

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