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WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY - Improve to Sustainable Lifestyle Malaysia Context

World Environment Day 2008 comes in the brink of many environmental disasters around the world. 16 years have past since the Earth Summit in 1992 and we are still lacking in steps to preserve the resources that we have left with. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) celebrates this day with a slogan Kick the habit! Towards a low carbon economy.

In the context of Malaysia, our economy is very much related to fuel. By using our natural resource, which is, petroleum, our economy was boost to a fast growing one. However, it is highlighted that many of these have caused environmental degradation and a serious social, economic and environmental impact to fellow Malaysians.

We must alert ourselves that our petroleum reserves will be depleting in years to come and we should focus in new alternates that are much more eco-friendly as well as for a long term solution. This also alerts us and brings forth the real cost of living that we are escaping from using subsidies.

We should focus on shouldering the effect of reduction of subsidy as citizens of Malaysia. Our steps and measures now ensure that we leave our decedents with a future which is sustainable.

We must improve our lifestyle that suits a more Sustainable Lifestyle. It is highly important that we should not think that one individual can change the world. Together we can, together we can
manage to improve our environmental quality together we can create a better future for our children and their children.

FOMCA urge the government as well as industries to improve consumer education on issues related to Sustainable Lifestyle which is a part of Sustainable Consumption. Government agencies should shoulder these by introducing a better legislation and economic instruments to create a smooth flow of changes. It is highly impossible to put the burden on the consumers alone, there should be clear direction on where they should head.

FOMCA hopes industries can play a more important role in ensuring services and products carry the message of `Sustainable Lifestyle'. It is highly important and at the same time it is also challenging to industries to implement this. This can be done in the means of energy efficient products, eco-friendly product, tips and messages to educate consumers on sustainable lifestyle and many more.

The cooperation and relationship between Government – Industry – Consumer is vital in ensuring a smooth change in lifestyle. Working hand-in-hand is always the smarter choice.

There are many ways for all of us to do it. A lot of information is available in the internet for all of us to learn. Get yourself connected to information and act now.

You make a difference.

Datuk Marimuthu Nadason
Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (FOMCA)