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UNEP TUNZA's partnership with BAYER an insult to the youth and the environment

We all know what BAYER produces which includes pesticides and other chemicals harmful to the environment and the planet. Then if this is the case, how come a company like BAYER is welcome to be part of the United Nations Environmental Program and its organization for the youth.

Above is a video about the partnership between BAYER and UNEP and below we lead you to another video which greatly insults common sense of why BAYER is helping UNEP.

This is also the link regarding the youth conference that Bayer organized and please take some time to watch the 6 minute video they created where the youth praised Bayer for their ways of protecting the environment. This is completely an insult to the youth's intellegence, I hope that you can raised this issue to UNEP.

Please click here and judge for yourself.