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Participating on the 1st Internet Balloon Race

It was quite a unique experience to be participating on the 1st ever balloon race online. The hard part is that I have only known it when it is already starting so I had a hard time catching up. I seem to have missed the chance to also get my sites as part of the race. Well it was still an experience. To all my visitors please do help me boost my balloon so that I can catch up... this is also for our organization's cause.

So why is there a race anyway? The race is being made to celebrate the launch of Orange’s Animals packages to their Pay As You Go customers. The race will run from June 23rd up to June 30th.

During the race thousands of balloons will fly across a range of sites, picking up speed & distance bonuses as they fly. They can also pick up tokens for entry in to free prize draws.

The grand prize is a luxury 7-day experience at a luxury hotel and resort in Ibiza, Spain. A very rare opportunity indeed.