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Obama is the Democratic Nominee! CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE THE CHANGE!

Sen. Barrack Obama wins the Democratic Presidential Election and became the first ever African-American/Black to be a presidential nominee of a major political party. Obama by CNN projections as of today, June 3 is projected to have 1,132 delegates (Pledged: 1,761 Superdelegates: 371) against Clinton's 1,195 (Pledged: 1,636 Superdelegates: 289). It takes 2,118 to clinch the Democratic nomination.

Barrack Obama is also the projected winner in Montana by 54% and is running at 44% against Clinton in South Dakota.

Before a crowd of cheering thousands and at the site of the Republican convention venue in St. Paul, Minnesota, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois laid claim to the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday night, taking a historic step toward his once-improbable goal of becoming the nation's first black president. Hillary Rodham Clinton maneuvered for the vice presidential spot on his fall ticket without conceding her own defeat.

A video is also available at featuring a speech from Sen. Barrack Obama.

Another video from reporting Obama winning the nomination.

"America, this is our moment," the 46-year-old senator and one-time community organizer said in his first appearance as the Democratic nominee-in-waiting. "This is our time. Our turn to turn the page on the policies of the past."

Here is another video celebrating Obama's win...

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