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Information About Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao That You Might Not Knowb

Here are some information about the new WBC Lightweight Champion, Manny "Pacman" Pacquio that you might now know...

  • Pacman's real name is Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao
  • He is born on December 17, 1978 in Kibawe, Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines
  • A movie based on his life has been produced and was released on June 21, 2006. The movie is titled Pacquiao: The Movie featuring Filipino actor Jericho Rosales as Manny Pacquiao and is directed by Joel Lamangan. Despite its huge P50,000,000 ($1,031,991) budget, wide distribution (80 cinemas) and strong marketing, the movie flopped in the box-office, grossing a total of only P4,812,191 ($99,322) confirmed by Lamangan. Rey Danseco, the Filipino sports editor, journalist, television commentator-host for boxing events and international boxing judge and reporter was part of the movie as ringside commentator of Pacquiao's few fights in the movie.
  • Pacquiao produced the song "Para Sa 'Yo Ang Laban Na 'To" (Translation: "This Fight is for You") which became a hit single all over the Philippines. It expressed a nationalistic theme as well as Pacquiao's struggles in the ring. The release of the song came weeks before his second bout with Morales, leading up to the promos to the fight. Although "Para sa 'Yo" is his first attempt at professional music recording, Pacquiao's victory against Morales greatly contributed to the song's popularity.
  • After their third bout, Pacquiao and Morales appeared together in a San Miguel Beer commercial (together with Roach & friends) filmed for the Filipino audience. The commercial ended with Pacquiao and Morales toasting their friendship with San Miguels.
  • In another commercial ad of San Miguel Beer, Pacquiao was seen together with Jet Li and other Filipino celebrities like Iwa Moto and Valerie Concepcion.
  • During her sixth State of the Nation Address on July 24, 2006 in Quezon City, Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo cited Pacquiao as one of the nation's modern day heroes. "Mabuhay ka, Manny", said Arroyo. In return, the champion delivered his own speech endorsing Arroyo. "The President said many good things in the SONA." Pacquiao remarked.
  • It is not widely known that professional wrestlers The Undertaker and Christian Cage were actually a part of Pacquiao's entourage during the Pacquiao vs. Velázquez fight in 2005. An avid boxing fan, The Undertaker was the person who carried the US flag while leading Team Pacquiao to the ring. This was also confirmed by another fellow wrestler, Batista. Batista revealed this during a televised interview in the Philippines while promoting an upcoming WWE promotional tour which was set to be shown in this country.
  • Pacquiao is currently being sponsored by Nike and No Fear sportswear.
  • Pacquiao owns a lottery outlet for the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office.
  • Pacquiao is the owner of the Pac Man Gensan of the Mindanao Visayas Basketball Association. The team based in his hometown of General Santos City. Pacquiao even suited up for the team for a few games during the first conference of said league.
  • Pacquiao is the third non-fictional Filipino featured in a video game. He is featured in the video games Fight Night: Round 2 and Fight Night: Round 3. The first two were pool legends Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante, who both appeared in the World Championship Pool 2004 video game.
  • Pacquiao made an appearance in the Pugad Baboy (vol. 19) comic strip.
  • Philpost Postmaster General Hector Villanueva announced on May 3, 2008, that Pacquiao will be the first Filipino athlete to appear in a postage stamp.