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Hilary Clinton Concedes and Endorses Obama (Speech Video)

Sen. Hilary Rodham Clinton finally concedes her shot for the United States Presidency and endorses Senator Barrack Obama on a speech today at Washington. "I endorse him and throw my full support behind him. And I ask all of you to join me in working as hard for Barack Obama as you have for me," Clinton said to the cheering crowd.

Upon saying this line majority of her supporters where clapping but you can hear from the video that there were also loud boos from them. One line of the speech which could best be remembered is when he asked those who are not akin at supporting Obama and told them that time is too short to look back and the past because we cannot move forward.

Video above shows the main endorsement and call of support to Barrack Obama while the videos below shows the full length of speech which took around 25 minutes.

Former President and their daughter is also at their side during the speech. Clinton also sight the reasons why Obama is still the best choice by her supporters and why they should rally behind the African-American Illinois Senator.

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The road to the nomination has been fierce. The two have endured preacher-gate, Bosnia-gate, a bitter battle over the race card and other controversies that have framed this race.

From a crowded field of Democratic candidates taking the stage for a debate a year ago to the final two nominating contests that few thought would be contested, Obama and Clinton have battled it out to the end.