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Greenpeace visits Energy Secretary, paints 'Quit Coal' on his driveway

Manila, PHILIPPINES — Greenpeace activists brought the message 'Quit Coal' to the doorsteps of Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes by painting the words on the driveway of the Department of Energy today in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Greenpeace is calling on the Philippine government to stop the new build and expansion of coal plants, and instead pass the Renewable Energy Bill to facilitate the massive uptake of renewable energy solutions to stop climate change.

The activists also unfurled a banner with the words "Sec. Reyes, Coal Lover, Climate Killer." Secretary Reyes is the chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Climate Change (PTFCC). But under his term as Energy Secretary, the Philippines is expected to expand its coal-fired capacity to over 2,000 MW, while new renewable energy projects are projected at less than 100 MW. The burning of coal has been identified
by scientists as the main accelerator of climate change.

"As Secretary of the Department of Energy, Reyes is currently at a crossroads. One road leads to climate destruction where he is one of the major culprits, the other leads to a sustainable energy future where he can be one of the heroes. Reyes needs to decide today whether he wants to be a climate criminal or a climate savior. To lead the Philippines toward a future of reliance on dangerous coal-fired power plants is unacceptable," said Greenpeace Southeast Asia Climate and Energy campaigner Jasper Inventor.