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The Filipino Music Creativity - Translation of English Songs

>Filipino creativity in music had been very profound and is commendable. Throughout the years they have managed to convert to the local dialect and language various songs in English. Let me begin with a very popular song which I like and is entitled I Am Just A Girl by Kiss

And who can ever not know the very popular song of Jumari and Ara Muna entitled Ojo Kaluguran Daka

Ara Muna and Jumari's Ojo Kaluguran Daka (Sometimes When We Touch)

Beautiful Girls (Bisaya Version)

Dont Matter (Bisaya Version)

Low - Tagalog Version Flo Rida T-Pain

And of course the translations of Michael V. also known as Bitoy.

Titanic Theme Song Pinoy Version

Kama ni Rosanna = Bed of Roses

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