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Clean Plate Movement - what you can do to avert a food crisis

Change starts with YOU! The CLEAN PLATE MOVEMENT calls for individual action to limit food waste. We find it immoral that people leave significant portions of food on their plates or throw away food when millions suffer from severe hunger. As an advocate of the movement you are expected to strictly follow these three simple principles on food consumption:

1. No leftovers! When dining out, take home what’s left for later consumption or share with other people. At home, get creative with leftovers instead of throwing it away.

2. Do not over eat! Order or take only what you can easily finish in one sitting; share large servings of food

3. Do not allow food to spoil; consume or give it away before it does.

If you wish to be part of this Movement register online at or send your name and current location (city/province, country) to

Your name will be included in the official Clean Plate advocates list which will be made available for viewing by the general public.