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News Around Us is a news site run by friends who are freelance writers.  It was started 2008 as a personal blog entitled, "The Good and the Bad News Around Us" and then later evolved to become a news site.  Since beginning of 2010,  it was renamed "The News Around Us."  Since the domain newsaroundus was already taken, it maintains the original domain.

It is also a source of news contributed by bot the staff and citizen journalists.  We would like to provide relevant and timely news information and updates to everyone.

It operates from the Philippines but had been very active in providing worldwide news from sports, to entertainment, to music, to weird news and even to opinions about current issues.  We hope that we will have more contributors soon.

Editorial Staff:

Editorial Staff:
Correspondents and Contributors:
    News Around Us is open for contributors just email the Editor in Chief at shenbrood16 at  We are also in need of country and territory specific correspondents.  This is a voluntary position for now.

    Thanks you very much.