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Why Would Obama and Clinton Not Make the Looser Their Vice President?

We should not be surprised if the two Democrat nominees, whoever wins would not consider or take the loosing nominee as their Vice President. Why? The reason is simple because whoever loose will definitely run again for President in the next elections. The VP might be the watchdog of the President and come election time might say, "I told you so, this person will not do good!"

The bitterness and highly heated campaign between Senators Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton had entered the personal level. Even if the two would not admit it, it can be seen in the way things have turned out.

Hilary Clinton is the candidate with the higher stake in this election, after all she is the wife of former President Bill Clinton and is more senior than Barrack Obama. Loosing for her means a personal lose of credibility and self-esteem. She will not bow down to a candidate like Obama, whom she sees it not fit at the moment to be President and is less qualified than she is.

Obama on the other hand has nothing to loose. He is a neophyte senator with a big heart and charisma. He offers change and hope to a country that has long been seen as a bully to the world. A country under George Bush who had ignored the environment and wish to be rich despite the global consequences.

Both candidates hope to make mark in history. Barrack Obama might become the first black president while Hilary Clinton might become the first woman president or they might be also losers come election to John McCain who is already busy campaigning for the general elections.