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Why John McCain Should Not Win the U.S. Elections?

John McCain the likely Republican Presidential Candidate in NOvember had recently accepted the endorsement of Hagee and as Blanca DeBree puts it, he is a moralistic, pastor out of Texas, who believes that Muslims worship Satan, and that Catholics are evildoers. Why would such a candidate accept and not denounce this endorsement?

Why would he? For a candidate which says, "The greatest danger facing the world is Islamic Terrorism” that would be somewhat inline with his views. John McCain is a candidate that hates not only Muslims but Islam in general. He sees Muslims as enemies.

If Bush is bad then we can expect more wars with Muslims if McCain becomes president. He blames it on them. He sees Muslims as an equation to terrorism and bombings.. he even thinks that they do not deserve to live in America.

I think as a president of a country one of your qualities should be religious tolerance and respect. If you can't respect religion of other people then you do not deserve to be the president of the most powerful country in the world.

Why McCain when there is a candidate like Barrack Obama? I firmly believe that the United States will be better with Obama in the Oval Office.

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